The underpinning ethos behind all GMAC Film activities is equality of opportunity and removing barriers to participation.
Our target groups are:
• People from the top 15% areas of multiple deprivation
• Women and girls
• People living with a disability
• People from ethnic minority communities
• Care experienced young people and young carers

Through it’s youth programme, GMAC Film has developed a ‘community development’ model of recruitment. This has proved successful with over 75% of participants on GMAC Film youth projects coming from target groups. All youth programmes at GMAC Film are free at the point of delivery and we ensure all activities on offer are relevant to the target audience by placing young people at the heart of their design and planning.

This innovative approach has been rolled out to all GMAC Film projects, ensuring that the recruitment framework reaches out to under represented groups where they live and work. This open door policy has led to a high number of people from Glasgow’s most deprived areas and under represented communities being involved in all areas of GMAC Film.

By understanding and removing barriers to participation we believe we can contribute to the diversification of Scotland’s creative industries and increase the equality of opportunity for all. In the next 3 years GMAC Film will develop this approach through it’s commercial arm, GMAC Productions, where paid traineeships will be offered to young, diverse talent entering the industry.

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