GMAC Film has much to offer the sector in understanding and overcoming the barriers faced by under represented groups, particularly in creating access points for young people and new entrants and delivering skills and talent development programmes to these groups.

In 2015 leading broadcasters (Channel 4, BBC, ITV, Sky) introduced strict diversity quotas for independent production companies seeking to be commissioned due to the lack of diversity in the UK film & TV workforce. There is mounting evidence to support this widely held view.

However young people and independent filmmakers at GMAC Film tell us that there is a lack of opportunities to develop their skills and talent to a professional or commissionable level after graduating from youth programmes.

In 2016 GMAC Film reconnected with local independent producers, broadcasters and other industry professionals to discuss the challenge faced in meeting the quotas required. We developed a deeper understanding of the key skills gaps that exist and how to engage industry in the design of skills and talent development programmes. In this way we were able to ensure that the training and opportunities on offer through FIND Scotland were relevant to the needs of industry, and the quality of candidates from under represented groups increased.

In the next three years GMAC Film will continue to offer a wide range of engagement and progression activities for young talent from diverse backgrounds. We will contribute to the diversification of the sector by developing a bespoke industry programme focused on entry level short film commissioning, professional training, mentoring and apprenticeships, ensuring that new diverse talent are able to complete their learning journey to a professional standard.

This work will take place in collaboration with Scottish Film Talent Network, Scottish Documentary Institute, FE Colleges, Skills Development Scotland, Local Authorities, Broadcasters, industry trainers eg. Hit The Ground Running as well as the Scottish Government to ensure that

Scotland leads the way with a diverse employable workforce both behind and in front of the camera.

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