GMAC Film team members

Acting Managing Director – Paddy Higson

Projects Manager – Beth Armstrong
Beth is a graduate from the National Film & Television School and has worked for BBC, Channel 4 and Discovery Channel Europe. She has been with GMAC Film, developing and delivering inclusive community and industry facing projects, since 2005 and is the Project Manager of FIND Scotland.

Operations Manager – Marissa Carrara
Marissa started her career in film as a sound recordist, then progressed through the Assistant Director department working as 3rd, 2nd and 1st. Now working at GMAC Film still using her on-set skills to organise and juggle, as the Operations Manager since 2012. Alternatively, you can contact us here with general enquiries.

Board of Directors

Paddy Higson – Chair
A retired film producer, throughout her career she has been committed to enabling new talent. She was a founder member of the Scottish Film Training Trust. Since the resignation of the Director of GMAC Film, Paddy has been working with the Board and management team to assist the company achieve a sustainable future.

Halena Gauntlett
A career started in the Scottish film industry, support for GMAC Film is reciprocated by Halena’s commitment to equity and opportunity connected by sixteen years of experience working across educational settings, sharing complex backgrounds and a diverse range of previous personal experiences of culture, learning, life and work.

Mark Langton
Mark was chair of the GMAC Film Board from 2003 to 2015 and was asked to rejoin the board in August 2016 with a view to helping the company on it’s next phase of development. Mark is passionate about the continuing need for a grassroots film making hub that promotes values of social justice while supporting the highest standards of technical and creative practice.

GMAC Film’s resources are limited and we wouldn’t be able to run Café Flicker – Glasgow’s monthly open screen night – without the help of some amazing volunteers. Our Youth Team needs mentioned also, they help a great deal mapping the needs of the young people we work with. We also regularly work with a number of freelancers and are always happy to hear from you. Get in touch if you’d like us to keep your cv on file.

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