The mission of GMAC Film is to empower young people, emerging film talent and independent filmmakers by enabling them to acquire the skills, knowledge, confidence and resources to realise their ambitions in film or elsewhere in the creative industries. GMAC Film develops talent from all backgrounds – including individuals from communities and backgrounds currently under-represented in the media industries – and creates open access points for them to enter the industry.

Our Vision, Mission and Values are summarised below.

Our Vision

With high quality learning and real life experience, we will unlock the potential of young people, new entrants and independent professionals in film, whatever their background.

Our Mission

To empower young people, new entrants and professionals in film and create accessible opportunities in work and life through skills, talent and project development.

Our Values

Talent is diversity: We value the richness and variety of ideas and approaches that comes from people’s visible and invisible differences;

We value open access to development opportunities as it is vital to the growth of a vibrant filmmaking community;

We value partnerships with industry players, individuals, volunteers, local government and other organisations, which lead to opportunities and co-operation; and

We value a supportive and inclusive environment that promotes the development of people in realisation of their potential.

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