Night School

Year 2008
Director Ben Soper
Producer Katie Crooke
Awards Film of the Month – Shooting People January 2010

Late at night, a young couple find themselves alone together for the first time. She wants to be more intimate. He knows just the right place. Leading her to an abandoned school he finds an open window and climbs in. She’s reluctant to follow. He leans out and offers her a hand. She decides to trust him and together they disappear into the shadows.

Night School premiered at Encounters Short Film Festival 2008. It’s gone on to screen at Film Insiders Talent Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Busho Budapest Short Film Festival, Cinefest International Festival of Young Filmmakers, Aniwow! 4th China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival, 10th Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers, Vendome Film Festival and the 6th London Short Film Festival.

Night School was produced through the GMAC Film short film production and talent development initiative GMAC Shorts.

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