Client: Artsadmin

GMAC Film produced this film for Artsadmin by Producer/Director Dale Corlett and Dancer Claire Cunningham in association with Jigsaw Productions and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for Channel 4 series Does it Matter? World War 1 commemoration programme.

Resemblance was part of a series of short films, five contemporary disabled artists (Katherine Araniello, Jez Colborne in collaboration with Mind the Gap, Claire Cunningham, Tony Heaton and Simon Mckeown) present warm, witty and poignant perspectives on war and disability. With two million British servicemen disabled by World War I, society’s attitude to disability had to change. Disabled artists present unorthodox takes on the legacies of war and disability.

The Shorts series won the 2014 award for ‘best performance under 10 minutes’ at the Picture This … Film Festival

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