Year 2005
Director Dylan Drummond, Blair Scott
Producer Dylan Drummond, Blair Scott
Awards Aprile Award – Milan Film Festival 2006

TOTH – a depiction of life lived at the Top of the Hill, Dundee’s infamous Hilltown district. Founding member of the TOTH gang, Steve Martin, reflects on his life at the Top of the Hill in Dundee’s notorious Hilltown area. Now in his forties, Steve is trying desperately to make a connection with his fourteen-year-old son and prevent him from being drawn into a similar lifestyle of violence and alcohol abuse. His greatest wish for his son is that he can get him away from the bad influences at the Top Of The Hill and try and prevent him from making the same mistakes that he himself made in the past.

TOTH was produced through the GMAC Film short film production and talent development initiative Cineworks.

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