Youth Team

By and for young people in Glasgow

GMAC Film’s Youth Team are a group of 16-25-year-old film and event enthusiasts. The team meets monthly to consult and advise on the youth programme at GMAC Film. The Youth Team started in 2014 and recruits new members every year. 

The Youth Team runs events for young people, including screenings, networking events, filmmaking workshops, and quizzes. They also help out with other parts of the youth programme, including the Junior Movie Club where they get to pass on their skills and experience to other young people who are interested in film.

Youth Team members also take part in training, mentoring, production, volunteering and employment through GMAC Film. GMAC Film works closely with the team to realise their ambitions and further their skills.

Events are free to attend, with snacks and drinks provided, and travel expenses up to £5 covered.

Sign up as a member of GMAC Film today, and stay involved with the GMAC Film community.


The next youth team event will be announced soon.