Little Pictures


GMAC Film announces Little Pictures commissions

GMAC Film is delighted to announce eight selected filmmakers for our new short film commission programme Little Pictures targeted at under-represented groups in Scotland who haven’t been commissioned to make a film before and with a commitment to 50/50 commissions by women.

Little Pictures is a micro budget film programme run by GMAC Film and funded by The National Lottery through Screen Scotland.

After a nationwide call for applications in October, a diverse group of eight new filmmakers were selected from across Scotland in November with fiction, documentary and animation projects. The filmmakers have already started an intensive programme of filmmaking training workshops and development of their projects with the support of mentors and GMAC Film’s Little Pictures team. The filmmakers will go into production in the new year and each filmmaker will receive up to £2,000 production budget to make their films.

GMAC Film will support the new filmmakers to develop their voice, take creative risks and to bring their unique experience and backgrounds into their film work. GMAC Film will also provide further support for distribution and exhibition of their films and the filmmaker’s next steps for commissioning and employment opportunities to help kickstart their careers in the Scottish film industry.

Matthew Hickman
Stop The World (Fiction)

A whimsical adventure of a young adolescent with a superhero cape and protective powers whose encounters with a group bullying him leads to a dilemma.

Lipa Hussain
The Interpreter (Fiction)

A drama set in Covid times as a Bengali-English interpreter woman has to deliver news from a doctor’s clinic to a patient on the phone.

Caitlin McMullan
First Step: Swim
(Experimental Documentary)

This self-portrait gives an insight into the filmmaker’s vulnerability. With an experimental approach, we will witness the challenges and victories she faces going swimming as a physically disabled woman.

Amparo Fortuny
The Way I Welcome You (Documentary)

When somebody dies in detention in the UK, a group of people from Scotland, go to the woods next to the Scottish Detention Centre to show support to detainees. The group is organised and led by a woman who was detained with her family, including her 4 years old sister, when they were seeking asylum. This film explores the journey of this young woman and her tireless activism.

Ana Songel Garcia
I Miss Hugs (Animation)

A story of a young woman who after migrating to another country is forced into creating a new sense of affection with her single-parent back home.

Steve Martin
Unseen (Fiction)

Frank is a homeless man in Dundee trying to make enough for his daily drink and trying to help others facing hardship like him. He tries to get by, be good, atone for his past mistakes but in trying to help others he ends up in danger himself.

Helen Cuinn
The Queen’s Speech (Documentary)

A personal story about a performer most famously known for impersonating Mary Queen of Scots who lost her own voice. The film explores finding identity of her persona.

Maria Craig
Killing Myself Laughing (Documentary)

Margaret has travelled to far-flung corners of the world with the renowned Dr. Patch Adams as one of his hospital clowns, and like Patch, Margaret has faced severe depression most of her adult life. The film is about her ongoing battle with mental health and her courageous and colourful journey.