A Look Back at September’s Café Flicker

Every first Thursday of the month is ‘Flicker Thursday’ here at GMAC Film. With a tradition of over 25 years in the Scottish screen industry, Café Flicker, our short-film open mic, is always a ‘must’ for film-buffs in the Glasgow area. Every month we get to discover emerging international talent and catch up with old friends – all while celebrating our mutual passion for film. September’s edition made no exception.

“I’ve known about it for a few years. I’ve been meaning to come ever since I heard about it” said Diana Dumi, one of our guests. She first popped in August, for her friend’s short film screening. This month it was her turn for the spotlight, bringing in her 2019 micro-short Baby.

“I wanted to see it on the big screen. That’s my only reason for coming. Is that good enough?” (laughs).

Diana Dumi and Robb Jayne, with their friend Andrew on the left

Robb Jayne, her friend and producer, is also new to Café Flicker, but plans on becoming a regular; “One of the best aspects of it is just meeting filmmakers and having the opportunity to ask questions – it’s like looking through another person’s eyes and getting it… It feels like becoming part of a community…” Robb commented during a break.

Jack McDaid and Stuart McAulay, Café Flicker first timers

A true Flicker first timer was Stuart McAulay, director of the 2018 short Stir. He was accompanied by Jack McDaid, who worked on sound. The two started collaborating almost by accident: “We just happened to work in the same place and found out we were doing courses that go well together – filmmaking and sound” said Jack. They have both used the film as part of their dissertations, and now they’re promoting it beyond. Stopping by at Café Flicker made perfect sense for these two emerging film professionals. 

About September’s films – in their directors’ words…

Eaglefriek (2019) – a heart-warming piece shot in extreme weather conditions; 

“The film is about a guy who loves birds. He goes to an island to get over the passing of his wife and runs into something which changes his original goal.” (Louis Martin)

Blackout (2017) – an eye-opening flick, dealing with the much-overlooked experience of being a young carer;

Host Kristian Stevenson-Edmunds
and filmmaker Serena Chloe Gardner

“There’s not a lot of support for mental health or young carers, so I just wanted to write a film showcasing that and getting people to talk about it more. I’ve shown it before to community groups of young carers – they’ve seen it and went ‘That’s how I live!’. It’s kind of to show them that they’re not on their own – there are other people who go through it…” (Serena Chloe Gardner)

Acheron (2019) – a powerful piece, exploring the bitter relationship between childhood trauma and addiction;

“I made a feature film first and then I thought ‘I think I’ll make a short this time. Why not try something different?’ I wanted to look at the darker side of life as it were.” (Douglas Sannachan)

Stir (2018) – a provocative and visually engaging short;

“It’s a surrealist piece, about a man losing his sanity.” (Stuart McAulay)

Through Your Eyes (2019) – An emotional flick, dealing with such themes as solitude and isolation;

“I have suffered from anxiety in the past, that’s quite debilitating in some situations. The other side is physical disability… I imagined two people who could actually help each other in a small, but significant way – I thought it would be nice. Also, I got told I never made a happy ending film, so…”

Serena Chloe Gardner’s Blackout was voted the winner of the night, with Eaglefriek and Acheron as runners-up.

Once again, many congratulations to all participating filmmakers and best of luck on your cinematic journeys! We would like to thank all our volunteers who help us keep this special tradition alive!

Café Flicker returns Thursday, 3 October at GMAC Film. Join us again in our screening room in Trongate 103 for a night of remarkable short films. Doors open at 18:30, followed by screenings at 19:00.

More about Café Flickerat: gmacfilm.com/filmmakers/cafe-flicker