Cafe Flicker: All Women’s Showcase at GSFF 2020

GMAC Film is happy to announce this special edition of Cafe Flicker which is taking place at Civic House as part of the Glasgow Short Film Festival on Thursday 19th March and will showcase local short films by female directors.

In 2020 GMAC Film has decided to highlight the under representation of women in film & tv which, to be honest, is still at a low, despite the conversation about diversity and equality in the screen sector being in the mainstream for a number of years now. The under representation of women in the film & tv industry (particularly in technical roles and in the roles of writer and director) has a massive impact on the mis-representation of women on screen. 

Matt Lloyd, festival director at the Glasgow Short Film Festival said “GMAC Film is a vital part of Glasgow’s film ecosystem, supporting aspiring filmmakers whatever their background or experience level. We are thrilled to partner with Café Flicker, the longest running open mic film night in Scotland, to present this special edition of the showcase, empowering emerging Scottish women filmmakers.”

Cafe Flicker is longest running short film open mic night in Scotland.

For filmmakers, actors, and composers it’s a great opportunity to show your work, meet other filmmakers and connect with other creatives to collaborate with. For film enthusiasts, it’s a great night packed with short surprises.

Recent research by Stephen Follows showed that of all short films screened at film festivals around the world only around 28% were directed by women. If we are looking at short films made in the UK this goes down to 20%. Once we move on to talking about feature films, the figure drops again to a depressing 13%. These figures are echoed in a brilliant piece of research by Directors UK

The good news is that last year 32% of short films screened at Cafe Flicker were directed by women – we are ahead of the curve! But we won’t rest until it is 50/50.

GMAC Film is calling on all women film directors to submit their films to Cafe Flicker! If you don’t have a film to submit, then make one! If you are a man, then tell all your women filmmaker friends! By December 2020 we want 50% of all short films submitted to Cafe Flicker to have been directed by women, it’s also free entry for participating filmmakers. You can also visit the GSFF for more info.

Cafe flicker will return as normal in April but our campaign to support female filmmakers will run throughout the year.