Café Flicker for Ukraine

GMAC Film’s Café Flicker is the longest running short film open mic night in Scotland. For filmmakers and actors it’s a great opportunity to watch some films and meet other creatives. To help with the Ukrainian crisis and to celebrate Ukrainian Cinema, GMAC Film will be hosting a Café Flicker event showcasing films exclusively from Ukraine, with all proceeds going to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Event: Café Flicker 

Date: Thursday 7th April 2022

Time: First screening 17.00hrs / Second screening 19.00hrs 

Payment: Pay at the door – recommended £10

Event Page:

For those who cannot make the event, we have created a Just Giving page for you to show you solidarity and support:


If We Had Tomorrow 

Anastasiya Yevchenko



A soldier is sitting in the trenches on the frontline looking at the flame of his lighter. Later on, we see that the flame is no longer coming from the lighter – it’s coming from a candle now that stands on a table in a dark room where two people are having their first date: a man (same soldier) and a woman. We observe a short sequence of their romance, marriage proposal, childbirth, development of their family. Suddenly, an explosion occurs – it consumes the soldier. We understand that all the memories that he had were imaginary. It is a metaphor for the way his life could have turned out if there hadn’t been a war and he had his tomorrow.


Andzej Gavriss



A Musician in the deep state of a creative crisis is signed to a rehab program at the highly protected, isolated sanatorium that promises a lifetime warranty for endless inspiration. A bourgeois setting with welcoming stuff slowly creeps into a violent cult that tortures artists in the name of inspiration. The musician’s greatest hit becomes his darkest nightmare.


Gar O’Rourke



Kachalka takes you into the heart of what is widely considered ‘the world’s most hardcore gym’, Kyiv’s enormous open-air Kachalka gym. Join the gym’s caretaker as he takes us through the enormous scrap-metal site, allowing us a glimpse into the unique community and ingenuity from which it was created.

The Creator

Sergiy Pudich

5 mins

A scientist is creating and training androids to be perfect in different skills: fighting, athletics, dancing. All droids improve themselves day by day, but an artistic one is standing where she was – will the Creator erase his work?

Family Hour


Mariia Ponomarova

It’s almost the time of family visits at a summer camp near Kyiv. A 17-year-old Danya is expecting his father who hasn’t been part of their family for years.

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Image: The Creator, Sergiy Pudich