Café Flicker – Rewind to October’s Edition

Here at GMAC Film it’s always a pleasure to have old and new friends alike stop by for our various events. October’s Café Flicker was one such occasion. Once again, we screened a variety of short films from emerging talent, continuing our tradition of over 25 years of encouraging independent filmmaking in Scotland.

Lauren McAngus, a fresh face at Café Flicker, found out about GMAC Film’s activities from an older university peer. Currently in her second year at the University of Stirling, Lauren studies Film and Media. She decided to bring in her 2019 comedy short Fantastic Man, which she produced with friends from AirTV, her university’s filmmaking society. Always a pleasure to make new film-buff friends from around the country!

Evan Bridges, a long-term GMAC friend, was also around for October’s edition of Café Flicker, partnering with Liam Corrie, our new volunteer. They greeted all of our guests for the night and then got down to the basics of the projection booth, making sure the screenings went smoothly. While settling in the projection booth, Evan reminisced about his time at GMAC.

“I’ve been here since I was about 15, I did lots of courses at GMAC – the Summer School, the BFI Film Academy. I’m 18 now and I’ve interned for GMAC’s BFI Film Academy last year; I also I did a paid internship for the Summer School as the tech & production assistant. I’ve been volunteering and helping out at most of GMAC’s events. I owe a lot to GMAC.”

Since his early days with us, Evan went on to become a freelance camera trainee, having been hired on a few feature films. As we were talking, he was preparing for a 3-week project in London, working under a DP he met at a BFI Film Academy residential. For Evan, making contacts through GMAC meant breaking into the screen industry.

“Everything has come off from here. It’s an oasis” he said.

Evan Bridges and Liam Corrie, GMAC Film volunteers

We also got to chat with Caity Lougheed, who turned out to be the night’s big winner.

“I found out about Café Flicker a few years ago through a friend of mine, Linda – she had shown films here before, so she said I should give it a go. I’ve been coming on and off for the last two years. I’ve had a couple of films shown here as well.” Katy said, as she was preparing to see her new flick on the big screen.

Her 2019 short Fish Tail has had quite a complicated history, having been refused by a number of festivals. “I think it’s because it’s about mental health, some people don’t know how to take it. It’s been said that the film is making light of mental health, which it is not, but maybe that’s why it’s controversial. I just wanted to make a light film about a dark subject” she said. We are glad that it was at Café Flicker that her vision was received differently. 

Caity Lougheed, October’s winning filmmaker

October’s films and their creators

Caity’s film, as well as all of these year’s winners, will compete in our festive Big Flick event in December. We can’t wait to see everyone again!

Our regular Café Flicker returns on the 7th of November, right here at GMAC Film. Join us for a new night of noncurated short film extravaganza. Doors open at 18:30, followed by screenings at 19:00.