GMAC Film trials four-day working week

GMAC Film is excited to announce its trial of the four-day working week, starting from Monday 1st November. 

The initiative is a welcome opportunity to recognise employee wellbeing as a core value at GMAC Film and reassess the organisation’s approach to productivity. The pandemic has been a catalyst for much national and global change to the way we work, which we are responding to through this trial. 

Paddy Higson CEO of GMAC Film said: “We are excited to be trialling the four-day week at GMAC Film in an effort to encourage work-life balance. With a growing team of core staff, this is a chance for the organisation to re-evaluate its existing methods of work and adapt to the way the world is changing. We look forward to hearing the feedback from our team about their experiences of the trial.” 

About GMAC Film 

Established as a charity in 1982, GMAC Film is an open access media centre that delivers a creative and artistic programme for all people interested in film, regardless of age, background or income. Our mission is to empower young people and adults by enabling them to acquire the skills, knowledge, confidence and resources to realise their ambitions in film or elsewhere in the creative industries. GMAC Film is a skills and talent development hub for independent filmmakers, young people and professionals working in film. 

GMAC Film seeks to empower people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in projects free at the point of delivery so that low income is never a bar to taking part. We actively reach out to and recruit from communities, including young carers, cared for people, BAME, LGBTQI+, asylum seekers, people with disabilities and people living in the top 20% areas of multiple deprivation. 

As a membership organisation GMAC Film provides a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment to promote knowledge and appreciation of the creative sector and what it can do for the confidence, knowledge and ambition of those who wish to become involved in it, allowing each voice to be heard. 

Full information about the history and ethos of GMAC Film please visit

Image: Little Pictures – Killing Myself Laughing – 2021