GMAC Film’s Wilma Smith at the forefront of talent development in Europe

Earlier this month, our Filmmakers Programme Manager Wilma Smith was appointed Co-Vice President of European talent organisation, Screen Talent Europe (STE). The post will be shared with Joris Hoebe of New Noardic Wave to support newly elected President Marion Bouvier of the Nordic Youth Film Festival (NUFF), who will serve for one year.  

Screen Talent Europe is a network of film workshops and media centres in Europe, which promotes the importance of screen talent and fosters a collaborative approach between its partners. The network helps filmmakers to exchange knowledge, experiences and methods through talent camps, network meetings and co-productions. With GMAC Film as its newest member, the total number of partners in the Screen Talent Europe network stands at sixteen.    

Marion Bouvier, newly elected President Screen Talent Europe said:  

“I am very much looking forward to the coming year as president of Screen Talent Europe. The network is an important forum for exchanging knowledge, fostering co-operation between film workshops and media centres across Europe, and promoting talent development. For Tvibit, which I represent, and for myself personally, Screen Talent Europe is a much-valued platform to meet European colleagues, share ideas and implement new projects together. As part of my year of presidency, I would like to continue the work of my predecessors to strengthen the network and its activities, as well as place an emphasis on communication towards both potential partners, funders and talents. I believe that many will benefit from Screen Talent Europe’s work being more visible and accessible.” 

The talent organisations of ten European countries have appointed Marion Bouvier as its new President to lead in engineering opportunities for film talent development, creating networks between new filmmakers in Europe, and putting film talent on the political agenda.   

Wilma Smith, and GMAC Film more widely are delighted to play an integral role in supporting the network to strengthen professional and structured talent development within the arts sector.  

Wilma Smith Co-Vice President, Screen Talent Europe said:  

After just one year, GMAC Film and the talent we support here in Scotland has already benefited from its membership with Screen Talent Europe, so I’m really looking forward to securing further support and funding towards new and existing STE talent programmes as well welcoming other organisations across the UK and Europe into the network. I feel really excited and privileged to be sharing the Co-Vice Presidency role with Joris Hoebe and supporting our new STE President, Marion Bouvier.  

Joris Hoebe, Co-Vice President, Screen Talent Europe said:  

Screen Talent Europe is a vital network to create a diverse and strong European film industry. I hope to add value to the network by bringing a ‘Dutch’ direct approach to the network and will focus on organising the international collaboration and getting funding to organise our talent programmes in a structural way. It’s great to share this responsibility with both Wilma and Marion.  

Over the past year, Former President of Screen Talent Europe Mette Bihl has directed STE’s primary focus of talent development across national borders as well as nourishing individual film talent.  

Mette Bihl, Former President of Screen Talent Europe:  

“Being the President of STE has been a great experience. The network is very important to me, and l have enjoyed representing it at festivals, for talents and for prospective partners. STE has such a lot to offer, and so much more to come as l pass the torch to our new President”   

GMAC Film is so pleased about Wilma’s new role and look forward to our increased involvement with STE in the coming months. 

Image: Left to Right Joris Hoebe, Wilma Smith and Marion Bouvier at STE general assembly 2023