Little Pictures filmmaker, Bonnie MacRae screens short film All Up There at the Houses of Parliament

Monday 22nd May saw an official Parliamentary screening of Little Pictures short film, All Up There, co-chaired by filmmaker Bonnie MacRae and Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP. 

All Up There was screened at a parliamentary event which platformed a number of women campaigning around Endometriosis, a chronic life-altering disease that impacts 1 in 10 of those assigned female at birth – nearly 1.5 million in the UK. 

Scottish filmmaker and Endometriosis campaigner, Bonnie, is committed to making energetic, raw films with authenticity at the heart. Pointing her lens towards male suicide and endometriosis, Bonnie is devoted to capturing real life – with a twist. 

Bonnie said, “It feels both surreal and inspiring taking All Up There to the Houses of Parliament. Never did I think when initially applying to the Little Pictures scheme that it would lead me to Westminster! I wanted the film to make a stand, to spread awareness of Endometriosis and to represent how it feels to come of age with a chronic illness. To then a year later, be giving a speech in Parliament and screening the film to politicians, charity CEOs, people who have the power to make real change, is absolutely incredible. I’m so grateful for GMAC Film’s support in helping me to make the film, alongside our amazing all-female crew and to everyone that helped us along the way. I’m so ready to see what comes next!” 

Having written and directed All Up There with the support of GMAC Film’s talent development programme, Little Pictures funded by Screen Scotland, the short film aims to represent those who feel hidden, those who feel demeaned, and those who have had enough of being told it’s all in their head. 

Little Pictures is a micro budget commissioning scheme which nurtures new talent to make their first funded short film in fiction, documentary, animation or experimental genres. The programme is committed to 50:50 gender balance, and encourages new filmmakers to develop their voice, take creative risks and will help to kick start and develop film talent from across Scotland and of all ages from 16 years and over. 

Filmmakers Programme Manager at GMAC Film, Wilma Smith said “We’re absolutely delighted to see Bonnie making such significant waves as a filmmaker, and we feel incredibly proud to have encouraged her through the Little Pictures scheme at the start of her bright filmmaking career. Bonnie is an excellent example of what can be achieved when the Scottish screen sector supports those whose stories are not often told.”  

Screen Officer at Screen Scotland, Jennifer Armitage said “All Up There is a powerful, personal, and dynamic portrayal of what it is like to live with endometriosis, and we are delighted that the film was screened at the Houses of Parliament. Through Little Pictures, we aim to nurture new filmmakers to develop their own distinctive voice and take creative risks. All Up There does exactly that.”  



Image: All Up There team