Looking Back at November’s Café Flicker

Last month’s Café Flicker was a special one – it was the last chance for filmmakers to screen their shorts before this year’s Big Flick special event. As usual, we had great fun welcoming old and new friends alike to a night of independent screen gems. 

Federica La Marca, a writer and filmmaker based in Stirling, made her Café Flicker debut with the 2019 short Connected. Originally developed as a student project, Federica’s film presents the experience of online chatroom communication in an effort of counterbalancing traditional negative narratives on the subject. “This is the first time that it’s being shown on a proper cinema screen. It was actually very exciting to see it on the big screen because that’s how films are supposed to be experienced, I think” commented the director.

Federica La Marca and her crew for Connected (2019)

For the project, Federica collaborated with fellow students from Stirling, some of which accompanied her at Flicker. Main actor Peter Murphy, who had only voice acted before, delivered a remarkable first-time on-screen performance. “I knew that he could’ve delivered the lines the way that I imagined them. Everybody comes up to tell me how expressive he is in the film” Federica said.

When asked to compare voice acting to screen acting, Peter remarks “Screen acting is far more stressful. You need to think about acting in the 3D, as opposed to just speaking into a microphone.”

It was a pleasure to have this group over at Café Flicker!

We also got to catch up with Donald Cameron, who used to be a volunteer right here at Flicker. Now attending in his capacity as a film director, Donald brought his 2018 short Coffee Coffee. Exploring the link between coffee and Christmas, this feel-good festive short brought the holiday spirit early to GMAC.

Former volunteer Donald Cameron,
writer and director of Coffee Coffee (2018)

“The film was in some festivals, but I was kind of waiting to show it around Christmas. It’s actually difficult to show a Christmas film in festivals. I had Flickerin mind since last November, when I shot it.” said Donald; and we’re glad the film finally found its home at GMAC. 

Winning writer and director Neil Boyle
with first-time host Alastair Marshall

The winning flick of the night was “The Coffin Walk” (2019) from director Neil Boyle. A black comedy set in 1920s rural Scotland, the film was shot over “five cold, wet days” in Dunoon. Its impeccable cinematography, as well as its incredibly humorous cast turned “The Coffin Walk” into an instant audience favourite. We can’t wait to screen it again as part of December’s Big Flick!

November’s filmmakers and their flicks

All of this year’s Café Flicker winning shorts will be screened at our 2019 Big Flick celebration. Join us on 5 December at 7 pm at GMAC Film to find out which short is crowned the overall winner of the year!